We are a volunteer organisation that is organised by people who wanted to offer help to Ukrainians fleeing their country.

What is AFUIS?

AFUIS comes from a Facebook group Ukrainian Refugees in Sweden – Accommodation, help and shelter, that a young couple started on 26 February 2022. The group was created to help the Ukrainian women and children on the run from war with shelter. The group grew very fast and became Sweden’s largest. Already 6 March, it was realised that the group was not functional nor safe for the women and children. We need to protect them from trafficking and the unsafe environment. It was decided to build a secure system.

The idea is that the system should be entirely free for hosts and refugees. To manage it professionally, an organisation was needed. So a non-profit company Afuis AB SVB 559364-4213 was created. Afuis will only handle the system and accommodation matching and its development and management. At present, everything is operated by voluntary donations.

Who makes AFUIS possible?

The system is built by volunteers and is entirely free. But to handle the system and the agreements around it, an organisation had to be created. This organisation will own the system. All current efforts are without a cost, but if anything generates an invoice, AFUIS will handle it.

We will not have collections for money through Swish or similar payment services.

AFUIS Board members

Christel Prinsén – creator of the system and owner of the Facebook group Ukrainian Refugees in Sweden – Accommodation, Help and Shelter
Christian Bosson – bus manager and initiator of BlåGula Bussar – direkttransport till Sverige
Akko Karlsson – housing host and initiator of Västerviks värdar