How can we help you?

AFUIS intends to provide free accommodation to Ukrainian refugees until they become self-sufficient.

How to apply for protection?

Requirements for temporary protection under the EU Refugee Directive

You can obtain a residence permit with temporary protection according to the Refugee Directive if you:

  • Are a Ukrainian citizen and were living in Ukraine before February 24, 2022
  • Have a residence permit as a refugee or alternatively in need of protection in Ukraine
  • Is a family member of the two above.

If you have a passport or other ID documents showing that you belong to one of these groups, you must show them when you apply for protection.

Find more information here: Apply for protec­tion under the Tempo­rary Protec­tion Directive – Migrationsverket

How to apply for asylum?

If the above does not apply, you always have the right to apply for asylum.

Then you need to visit the Swedish Migration. On their page, you will find more information and addresses to the offices where you can apply.

Find more information here: How to apply for asylum – Migrationsverket

What if you are bringing a pet with you?

There are rules for bringing animals into Sweden, among other things, to prevent us from getting rabies, which is a deadly disease that can affect both humans and animals. At the moment, there are force majeure exceptions for pets that come with their owners from Ukraine. This means that we assess from case to case which measures are necessary.

Find more information here: Pets from Ukraine – Jordbruksverket

In need of health care?

If you require medical care, you can always call 1177, the national hub for information and services within healthcare in Sweden. Or go to the site from the link below.

Find more information here:

In case it is an emergency, call 112.


When you get your residence permit you can go to Skatteverket and apply for a coordination number. This number is to identify you when interacting with authorities, banks and work.

Find more information here:


Are you looking for work? There is an employment service in Sweden. Their website has a lot of helpful information on how to get a job.

Find more information here: arbetsfö

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